Frequently Asked Questions​

The Flysense vape detector is a device that monitors and reports on vaping and elevated sound incidents in restricted areas, such as schools, bathrooms, or other buildings.

Vape detection systems use a variety of advanced sensors, including air sampling sensors and noise sensors, to detect vaping. The data collected is then analyzed using complex algorithms to determine if vaping is occurring in the area.

Yes, the Flysense vape detector is specifically designed to detect vapor from e-cigarettes and does not typically respond to other types of smoke.

When the Flysense vape detector senses vaping or elevated noise levels, it sends real-time alerts via  email to administrators.

Typically, the Flysense vape detector requires minimal maintenance aside from regular software updates and occasional sensor calibration checks.

Please use the contact us form on our website. Alternatively you can also reach us on our local UAE number mentioned on the website. Our team would be happy to assist. 

Our reporting portal puts you in control of the device settings. Yes, we do have tampering alerts that get triggered when the students or the person vaping tries to touch or obstruct the device. An audible alarm will sound when something is within the proximity sensor range. The settings for buzzer and proximity can be adjusted by our technicians.  

If your school is considering the installation of vape detectors, it would be beneficial to consult with the provider of the vape detection system to discuss the installation process, technical requirements, and any necessary training or support for your school’s IT team. We would provide your in-house IT team with extensive user guides that walks you through the entire process of installation. We also provide turn key Vape Detection installation in schools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah & rest of UAE.

Yes, our Vape Detection System is designed to send automated email alerts instantly without any delay. This ensures that you receive timely notifications whenever vaping is detected, allowing for swift and effective response measures. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

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