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Is My Child Vaping?

High school vaping surged by 78% in recent years

Is My Child Vaping?

Vaping Endangers Teenagers’ Health: Experts warn that teenage vaping poses a serious threat, with adolescents using it for the thrill and novelty of different flavors, as well as to fit in socially. Not only can nicotine inhalation hinder their growth and development, but it also harms the developing brain, resulting in learning difficulties, memory impairment, seizures, and mental health disorders.

​E-cigarettes used by one in five students in UAE, study finds​

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Increase in Mental Health Issues among young vapers
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Increased risk of stroke among e-cigarette users
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Increased risk of nicotine addiction among teenagers

Vape Detection Made Easy

FlySense® provides environmental intelligence that allows a possibly dangerous or harmful situation to be addressed in a timely and effective manner — thus averting potential disaster.

Real-time Detection

Real-time vape and sound anomalies detector.

Air Quality Monitoring

Monitors air quality and potential bullying.

Enhanced Control

It empowers you to gain control of areas where you cannot place a camera or microphone.

Seamless Integration

Integrates seamlessly with Camera Systems (VMS) and Access Controls.

Vaping Detection

Detects the vaping of THC, Nicotine, and other vaping products.

Reliable Warranty

All Soter Technology hardware purchases are backed by our 10–year hardware warranty.


Make a powerful impact globally by addressing the issues of vaping and bullying. Stand with the world in fostering safer and healthier campuses, employing our FlySense® vape detector and potential bullying solutions. Together, we can enact change and create a healthier environment for all.

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Revolutionizing the future: Environmental Intelligence for a Safer World

FlySense® provides environmental intelligence that allows a possibly dangerous or harmful situation to be addressed in a timely and effective manner — thus averting potential disaster.

The solution provides real-time alert notifications via text or email when instances of a vape and elevated noise that may suggest bullying is detected.

Why Choose The Vape Detector

FlySense® Vape detectors are a cutting-edge, turnkey solution for detecting vaping and bullying – particularly in school bathrooms and locker rooms.

We are in the business of keeping schools healthy.

9 Patents Granted (More Pending)​

Tampering Detection​

Enhanced Network Connectivity​

15000+ Total Devices Worldwide​

Is My Child Vaping?

Detect. Educate. Deter.

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