Instead of reacting to incidents, why not proactively monitor and address vaping and bullying as they occur?

FlySense Vape Detector

FlySense® is not just a technological solution but a significant investment in the health, safety, and well-being of individuals in various settings. 

Its dual functionality in detecting vaping and monitoring for bullying behaviors makes it an essential tool for any institution committed to fostering a secure and healthy environment. Its deployment is a proactive step towards combating two of the most pressing issues in today’s educational and public facilities: vaping and bullying.

5–years Hardware Warranty

Real-time Emails & Text Alerts

Device Tampering Detector

Elevated Sound Anomaly Detector

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Do you need a Vape Detector?

The question is not just whether you need a vape detector, but rather can you afford not to have one given the array of benefits they offer in safeguarding health, enforcing policies, and maintaining a secure environment. FlySense® provides an effective solution to modern challenges, ensuring peace of mind for administrators and healthy spaces for all occupants.

AI Forecasting

How can FlySense® Elevate your safety protocols?

By incorporating FlySense® into your safety protocols, you not only enhance your ability to manage and respond to incidents but also strengthen your commitment to creating a secure, healthy environment conducive to productivity and growth.
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Installation: Ensuring Effective Monitoring and Safety in Sensitive Areas

Setting up the FlySense® vape detection system involves several steps to ensure it operates effectively in detecting vaping and monitoring for bullying behaviors.